The Art of Electronic Sound

In the music science and technology program at Tulane University, students are applying intricate algorithms to create digital music. Tae Hong Park, an assistant professor and a composer of electro-acoustic music, leads the program.

Under Park's tutelage, students are learning to develop algorithms and use complicated computer software. They study calculus and DSP (digital signal processing), pursuing their studies in a state-of-the-art studio on the uptown campus. The music they create is often exactly that: art. The program had its beginnings in 2004 for undergraduates and in 2005 for graduate students.

"Hula," a composition by Peter Leonard, a graduate student, premiered on Nov. 7 at Dixon Hall as part of the centennial celebration of the Newcomb Music Department.

Learn about the music science and technology program and view a performance in this video produced by
Brandon Meginley, a senior majoring in journalism at Tulane University.