Artist, alumnus creates a whimsical world

A digital art installation by alumnus Dave Greber presents vibrant, digital abstractions using recognizable, colorful kinetic objects such as balloons, bouncing balls, stuffed animals and more. (Video by Dave Greber)


At the top of every hour, a 52-screen video art installation comes to life in the Fulton Street Transportation Center near the World Trade Center in Manhattan.  The artist behind the installation is Dave Greber, a 2013 graduate of the MFA program in digital arts offered by the Tulane School of Liberal Arts.

Greber was commissioned to expand on a similar, single-channel work that was shown in the State of the Art show at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas a few years ago.

“I had shot all the footage and edited the original piece from a few years ago, and then I spent a few months working with the MTA Arts and Design team on editing and expanding the piece to live in lots of unique screen shapes and sizes,” said Greber.

The process took close to five months.

“I was really able to expand my practice into many new directions after completing the master’s program at Tulane,” said Greber. “Having lots of studio time, materials, and support from the faculty was a great thing.”

Read more about Greber’s digital display here.