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Controlled Chaos

April 08, 2010 10:30 AM
Nick Marinello mr4@tulane.edu

Ronna Harris creates vivid, startling images, applying her brushes and pastels to works that she describes as rooted in the American Realist tradition but influenced by abstract expressionism. The result is a kind of "controlled chaos" on canvas. In this video produced by Nick Marinello, Harris talks about her art, her fascination with windows and the need to document the world around her.

[Click to play the video]

Artist Ronna Harris talks about finding creative tension at the crossroads of realism and abstract expression in this video produced by Nick Marinello.

An associate professor of art, Harris has been member of the faculty of the Newcomb Art Department since 1992. She will be teaching a two-week, three-credit course in postcard painting from May 10 until 21.

"Using a four- by five-inch format, we will paint our way through modern and contemporary art history," says Harris. There are no prerequisites for the course. For more information, contact Harris.