Cultures fuse for International Education Week

Starting Monday, the Tulane community is invited to celebrate the benefits of international exchange during the university’s annual International Education Week (IEW).

IEW takes place Oct. 16–20 and is sponsored by the Center for Global Education (CGE). This year’s theme is “Together Tulane.” Coming together as a Tulane community will be emphasized throughout the week, including at Monday’s International Art Showcase, during which live performances representing various international cultures will entertain the audience.

“We’re trying to highlight the ways that connections between international students and American students help make for a more vibrant community,” said Emily Capdeville, CGE communications coordinator.

“We want to infiltrate everyday spaces with international experiences.”

Emily Capdeville

Another new event coincides with regular “Wednesdays at the O” programming (Oct. 18). The Diversity Abroad organization will engage students who are underrepresented in study abroad opportunities.

Every year, IEW’s study abroad fair (Oct. 18) presents worldwide study experiences, and the careers abroad panel (Oct. 20) offers a career discussion panel, résumé workshop and professional job-seeking advice.

Each day of IEW, Bruff Commons and the 1834 Club will feature international cuisine, such as Thai beef with peppers or yassa poulet, a Senegalese dish. Capdeville said the Center for Global Education works each year with Sodexo staff to create a menu based on the cultures of Tulane’s international community and study abroad countries.

“That’s part of what we’re getting at for International Education Week,” Capdeville said. “Some of the events are really big … but then we also want to infiltrate everyday spaces with international experiences. It’s a way that the average Tulane student who’s going to eat at Bruff gets the exposure without having to break out of their routine.”

Other events are planned throughout the week. IEW will end on Friday afternoon with festivities in Pocket Park, including food and live samba music. For more information about the week’s full schedule of events, visit the CGE’s website.

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