New model calls for everyone to play a role in managing risks

In 2019, Tulane began implementation of a new risk management strategy, known as enterprise risk management (ERM). This approach engages the university community in planning for and responding to risks large and small that can disrupt its critical operations, vital research or educational mission.

Through an ERM model, every member of the Tulane community can play a role in creating a risk-aware culture and in developing stronger and more comprehensive risk management plans. Administrators will soon call on faculty and staff to serve on committees established to explore how to best embed an ERM mindset in the university’s daily operations.

“We ask that you embrace the opportunity to serve Tulane in this capacity,” said Angela Sutton, associate vice president of Enterprise Risk Services, which will provide the campus community with additional information regarding the structure and implementation of the ERM program.

“The past few years have served as a crucial reminder that our work here at Tulane, and our lives at home, can be quickly and dramatically disrupted by events beyond our control. From the global pandemic to severe weather threats, to cyberattacks, economic disruptions and more, organizations need to plan for the future with risk reduction and response as core priorities,” said Robin Forman, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost.

“We know that Tulane is stronger, more effective and more resilient when we work together, breaking down the siloes between fields of expertise, schools and departments to find common solutions and a united path forward,” said Patrick Norton, senior vice president and chief operating officer.