Give Green Ambassadors are essential to the success of Tulane’s annual day of giving

For Anissa Allbritton (NC ’91), becoming a Give Green Ambassador has been a fun and easy way to give back to Tulane.

“It’s just a great way to celebrate both our past at Tulane and what Tulane is going to be in the future,” said Allbritton.

Tulane’s annual “Give Green: A Day for the Audacious” is an opportunity for all Tulanians — near and far — to see what they can accomplish if they come together to support Tulane. Give Green is Tuesday, March 21, beginning at 12:01 a.m.

This is the sixth annual Give Green, and each year, the event shatters records in the amount of money raised or the number of donors. In 2022, Tulanians turned out in greater numbers than ever before to raise over $1.25 million, making more than 4,000 gifts.

Give Green Ambassadors have been critical to Give Green’s success. These highly involved volunteers amplify the Give Green message to their personal networks via social media, text, phone calls or conversation. They lead by example by making a gift of any amount during Give Green.

“Tulane makes it so simple to participate,” Allbritton said. “They give you a great toolkit to put on social media, and it’s always fun to reach out to your friends on text. One of the nice things about being a Give Green ambassador is it gives a lot of us an excuse to reach out and be in touch other than just on Reunion Weekend and reunion years.”

In addition to being a Give Green Ambassador, Allbritton is on the Tulane Annual Fund Advisory Board and has served on her 25-year and 30-year reunion committees. She attended Tulane on a dean’s honor scholarship and studied political economy. She was a four-year member, and ultimately president, of Newcomb Honor Board. At Tulane, she made lifelong friends and received an education that prepared her well for law school. Now, she has another reason to stay involved: her daughter will be a first-year student in fall 2023.

Why does she give back?

“Because I feel like Tulane has given me so much,” she said. “It’s a huge part of my life and just never stopped being that way.”

And Give Green is one of her favorite days to show her love for Tulane. Thanks to generous donors, every gift on Give Green earns additional matching bonus funds for Tulane’s schools and units.

Allbritton said, “If you have a certain part of Tulane that is close to your heart, whether it’s your school or an organization, whatever made a difference to you during your time at Tulane, this is a great way for you to help raise money for that specific thing that meant a lot to you.”

There will also be one-time challenges to give schools and units additional opportunities to compete for matching funds.

Anissa got into the competitive spirit during Give Green 2022 when a last-minute challenge gift was announced to encourage the number of gifts to surpass 4,000 during the last hours of the giving day. Tulane succeeded and raised an additional $40,000.

“That was really fun,” she said. “It’s nice knowing that we’re helping to build this fantastic institution and make it even better.” It’s not too late to become an ambassador. Sign up here.

Challenges will be announced Tuesday, March 14, on The website is also the place to track live progress on Give Green day.