Give with a purpose, says Tulane grad

Although it is common practice today for high school students to visit a variety of college campuses, like many students in the 1980s, Michael Bracci selected Tulane University sight unseen. Once he arrived on campus, he never doubted his choice.

As a proponent of the liberal arts, he majored in economics, but also took a wide variety of classes that changed the way he thought about himself and the community.

“I love the creativity that comes out of a liberal arts education,” said Bracci, a 1987 graduate. “Giving students the tools to think critically, problem-solve, think broadly about the world and how you can have a bigger impact. A liberal arts education will give you a big perspective on the world.”

“A liberal arts education will give you a big perspective on the world.”

Michael Bracci (A&S '87)

The education that Bracci received at Tulane not only led to his success as the president of Northern Trust’s Palm Beach Treasure Coast region, but instilled in him a desire to give back to university. Since graduation, he and his wife, Colleen, have been regular supporters of Tulane School of Liberal Arts’ (SLA) annual fund – a commitment they recently increased significantly.

In addition, he has dedicated his time and energy to the success of the university. He serves as a member of the SLA Dean’s Advisory Council, the National Campaign Council and the 30th Reunion Committee.

Now, with Tulane’s capital campaign, Only the Audacious, Bracci enthusiastically looks forward to others joining him in his support of the university.

“If you felt like Tulane had value and an impact on your life in a positive way, you are well positioned to make sure the university is viable and has the resources available to be a world-class institution,” he said.

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