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Information Technology by the Numbers

September 01, 2020 12:15 PM
Tulane Today staff today@tulane.edu
(Infographic designed by Marian Herbert-Bruno)


Tulane’s Information Technology department has been an integral partner in the planning and execution of return to campus operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From early planning to complete execution, IT has been involved in many facets of the operations, from an infrastructure perspective, but also in the COVID-19 testing and research capacity. Below is a snapshot of the work IT is involved in: 

Total number of COVID-19 projects: 43

  • 35 currently in progress
  • 33 high priority
  • 25 COVID-19 related

COVID-19 projects include:

  • Manual contact tracing (complete)
  • Bluetooth contact tracing (coming soon)
  • COVID testing automation
  • Wellness Clinic COVID testing
  • Student clinic appointment scheduling
  • City COVID surveillance / Chatbot
  • eForm, eSignature & workflow automation
  • Virtual computer lab
  • Class schedule restructure
  • Zoom storage archiving
  • Yuja recording schedule
  • COVID self-tracker health reminder (Complete)
  • AppsAnywhere (Virtual computer lab)
  • Classroom enhanced technology build outs (in progress)
  • Expansion of campus WiFi (in progress)
  • Research data lakes - COVID and non-COVID-related (in progress)
  • Call centers for TUMG Health

Total number of technology enhanced learning spaces: 185

  • 34 high tech learning spaces
  • 62 low tech learning spaces
  • 69 classroom in a box learning spaces
  • 7 custom or specialty learning spaces
  • 13 temporary classrooms

Total number of Support Personnel: 126 (remote and on-campus)

Includes: Classroom Experience Squad, Classroom Hotline Squad, Service Desk Squad, Desktop Support Squad, Network Squad members, and additional full-time IT team members.

Total number of student workers: 60 (remote and on-campus)

As a result of COVID-19, additional student workers have been added to the Student Squad for Academic Support. The Student Squad consists of three new student positions: Classroom Experience Assistant (45 students already hired and included in total student workers above), Educational Media Assistant and Zoom Producer.

Top job skills learned in the positions are IT support, customer service, empathy, ability to learn new technology quickly and adaptability.

Additional statistics: 

Total number of hours dedicated to Tulane’s reopening and COVID-19-related projects: More than 15,000

Total number of faculty trained in preparation for fall 2020: More than 600

Total number of additional outdoor WiFi access points: 43 (including temporary buildings and outside of existing network)

Total online once completed

Tier 1

- Dinwiddie Patio

- Pierson Patio/USG Outdoor Classroom

- LBC Pocket Park

- Berger Lawn/Gorson Gardens

- Berger Lawn/Drill Road

- Benenson Plaza

- Weatherhead Courtyard

- Butler Entry Overhang

- PJ's @ Willow

-  Warren Rear Patio

Tier 2

- Flexner Patio

- Warner Patio @ Cudd Hall

- Mussafer Side Patio

- Stern/Israel 2nd floor plynth balcony

- Cassatt Courtyard

- Greenbaum Patio

- Newcomb Lawn

- JL Porches

- Dixon / Dixon Annex Courtyard

- Dixon Annex / McWilliams Courtyard

- LeGourmet Patio

- GWBC 2nd Floor Balcony

- Monroe Quad/Law School edge

- GBWC/Sharp side patio

- Sharp Patio

- Aron Center Court