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The Insider: 5 reasons to exercise at Reily

December 31, 1969 6:00 AM

From looking good to feeling well, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn't be a stranger to the inside of a gym. Here are the Insider's top five reasons to use the Reily Student Recreation Center.


Organized exercise
I'm not a fan of the hamster wheel, but Reily offers so much more than equipment. There are group classes, personal trainers and wellness programs happening all semester long.

You pay for it
Sorry to break the bad news, but paying for a gym membership won't get you the same results as actually going to work out. Whether you realize it or not, the cost of membership is rolled into your tuition. Faculty and staff members also can sign up at a discounted rate.

Freshman 15
We've talked about this before. It may be real. Or it may not be. Either way, it's best to be on the safe side and simply get moving.

Stress relief
Stress will rear its ugly head at some point during your college career. Medical professionals agree that exercise helps combat high stress levels.

Learn something new
Try dance, martial arts, tennis or yoga. The list of available instructional programs is impressive.

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