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The Insider: Sarah the Pet Sitter

June 28, 2013 9:00 AM
Alicia Duplessis Jasmin aduples@tulane.edu

There is fur on her shirt and drool on her shorts, but at the end of each day Sarah Covert (NC '05) can smile about the work she's done.


Sarah Covert (NC '05) is pictured here with Mooi, a satisfied customer. (Photo from Sarah the Pet Sitter)

For Covert, who graduated from Tulane in 2005 with degrees in women's studies and psychology, opening a pet sitting business was not part of her original plan. In fact, the idea to start Sarah the Pet Sitter was born out of frustration.

“I worked as a social justice nonprofit professional for five years, but I grew frustrated with the rate of policy change,” says Covert. “Inspired by the warmth and grounding presence of my two cats, I made a major career shift and started a small business providing in-home pet care.”

Her college degree has also come in handy.

Covert says she calls upon the information learned in her psychology courses when introducing children to dogs, connecting with her clients and motivating her staff.

But what do her parents think of all this?

“My parents were very supportive in my doing some self-care after having worked really hard for so long,” says Covert, who opened shop in 2010. “We all thought it might just be something I'd do for a short time, but once I started to heal, I began moving toward where I am today.”

The entrepreneurial gene also runs in her family. Her mother currently owns a small business and her grandparents were business owners.

A unique feature of Covert's business is that she abides by an eco-friendly and socially responsible value system, which includes biking to reduce the reliance on cars, recycling all waste produced during a home visit and being responsive to mistreated animals.

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