Judge Dismisses Newcomb Suit

Civil District Court Judge Rosemary Ledet ruled Monday (Aug. 31) that Josephine Newcomb's will does not require Tulane University to operate Newcomb College as a separate, degree-granting institution. In the ruling, Ledet denied the plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment while granting Tulane's Motion for Summary Judgment.

All undergraduate women at Tulane University can take advantage of educational and co-curricular programs through the Newcomb College Institute, established in 2006. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

Ledet's judgment declared "the language of Josephine Newcomb's will contains no enforceable conditional obligation to support the plaintiff's claim." She agreed with Tulane and previous court rulings that the language in Mrs. Newcomb's will clearly gives the university full and complete control over how her donation will be used.

"Tulane University is pleased by Judge Ledet's ruling," Tulane President Scott Cowen said. "We are also proud of our continuing tradition as a leader in women's education through the Newcomb College Institute."

More women than men are currently enrolled at Tulane, and the Newcomb College Institute, an academic center established in 2006 that offers educational and co-curricular programs that enhance women's education and leadership, is open to all undergraduate women at Tulane. Ledet's judgment is posted here.