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Katrina Memories: Flung to the Winds

August 31, 2010 1:45 AM
Ryan Rivet

The 2005 fall semester at Tulane never got under way; Hurricane Katrina made sure of that. While administrators scrambled to make sure the entire academic year wasn't a wash, most students were trying to figure out a way to continue their education until the university got back on its feet.

“President Cowen and some other senior administrators flew to Washington and worked with some of the other higher-education associations around the country, and they reached an agreement,” says Mike Hogg, vice president of student affairs and dean of students. “Our students went to … over 500 institutions.”

After their academic diaspora, the majority of students came back to help New Orleans and the university recover. In the third in a five-part multimedia series on remembering Hurricane Katrina, Hogg talks about visiting students on other campuses and their palpable desire to return to Tulane.

[Click to play the video]

Following Katrina's floodwaters, it was apparent that Tulane's fall 2005 semester was not going to happen. Ryan Rivet produced this video with Mike Hogg, vice president of student affairs, talking about the impact of the "Katrina semester."