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September 27, 2022 12:15 PM
Tulane Today today@tulane.edu
James May, adjunct professor in the Newcomb Department of Music, adjusts a shotgun mic during a Creative Soundscape class at Audubon Park on Monday afternoon. The class introduces approaches to music and media that incorporate environmental sound. From composed electronic music to podcast sound design, students learn how and why artists engage with the acoustic environment as part of their practice. Students are instructed in field recording techniques, participate in listening exercises like sound walks, engage with theoretical frameworks around soundscapes, and produce multiple original creative works using audio software processing tools. On Monday, the class was learning how to use various microphones to record sound. (Photo by Rusty Costanza)
Student Abby Freedman listens to the sounds of the park through a shotgun mic. (Photo by Rusty Costanza)
Sounds from Audubon Park are recorded to an SD card using a recorder. (Photo by Rusty Costanza)