Med School Partners With China Hospital

A delegation from Tulane University School of Medicine visited Wuhan Union Hospital, a medical institution affiliated with Tongji Medical College in China, to a explore a collaborative relationship for international education and research.


Shaking hands are Dr. Henry Liu of Tulane, left, and Dr. Guobin Wang, right, president of Wuhan Union Hospital in China. The Tulane delegation to China also included Dr. Lee Hamm, center, and Dr. Frank Rosinia, far left. (Photos from Dr. Lee Hamm)

The two groups signed a memorandum of understanding to work to establish an international rotation for medical residents from both institutions and to explore opportunities for international collaboration on both clinical and laboratory research.

The agreement would make Tulane University School of Medicine one of the few institutions in the United States with collaboration for postgraduate education and research in China.

The Tulane delegation included Dr. Lee Hamm, professor and chair of internal medicine and holder of the Harry B. Greenberg, M.D. Chair of Medicine; Dr. Frank Rosinia, professor and chair of anesthesiology; and Dr. Henry Liu, associate professor of anesthesiology, who organized the trip.

Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China, is a modern city of 9 million in central China located on the Yangtze River that divides north and south China.

"China is an exploding presence on the world stage, economically, politically and scientifically," says Hamm, who also is executive vice dean of the medical school. "We're exploring Wuhan Union Hospital and Tongji Medical College as probable collaborators for a residency exchange program.


Wuhan Union Hospital in China and Tulane are working to establish an international rotation for medical residents.

"They have impressive facilities, sophistication and clinical volume. Some of our residents and fellows could have exciting and unique experiences there, and we would also benefit from the presence of some of their trainees here."

British missionaries established the Wuhan Union Hospital in 1866 in the central region of China. Union Hospital has grown to more than 2,000 hospital beds with advanced medical care in every phase of medicine.

The 143-year history of Union Hospital and 175-year history of Tulane Medical School represent a common legacy in international medicine. The delegation from Wuhan Union Hospital was led by Dr. Guobin Wang, hospital president and professor of surgery.