Newcomb Art Museum to host ‘Been Here’ virtual discussion with Mia X, Melissa A. Weber

As the first of a series of virtual programs that interact with the artwork of Newcomb Art Museum’s current exhibition: Brandan Bmike Odums’, NOT Supposed 2-Be Here, a conversation titled Been Here between Mia X, New Orleans native and Billboard-charting emcee hailed as the “Mother of Southern Gangster Rap,” and Melissa A. Weber, Curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive of Tulane Special Collections, will premiere on the museum's website and social media Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 6 p.m. CT.

Through an engaging dialogue on hip-hop and career, Been Here examines the fact of cultural continuity through music and questions why certain stories are included in histories while others are overlooked. As Mia X states, “A lot of our hip hop comes from our roots and the stuff we do,” as well as the music that was “born in New Orleans… brass, second-line, and tribal Indian masquerading music. It has a lot to do with our families.” Mia X and Melissa A. Weber focus mostly on the evolution and influence of hip hop in New Orleans, showcasing the impact of trailblazing artistry in New Orleans in genres beyond jazz.

“I just want people to start digging and searching. You’ll be very surprised to see who we are, what we sound like… [and that] what we’ve been saying, what we’ve been doing is nothing new under the sun,” Mia X said.

In an increasingly virtual world, individuals must reconfigure how they connect, engage and create. Newcomb Art Museum will release a series of virtual programming this fall that feature the work of artists and scholars who center Black identity, New Orleans stories, reciprocity, shared struggle and cultural continuity through the artistic narrative of historical events. In that vein, audience members are encouraged to view the accompanying resource list and playlist, curated by Melissa A. Weber. The Been Here resource list is available through Newcomb Art Museum’s social media platforms and website.

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