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Tulane University is the first stop in the 2010 Back to School Tour of the CNBC financial show, “Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer,” taping live at universities across the country. (Photos by Sally Asher)

Jim Cramer, host of “Mad Money,” splits his attention between the hundreds of students in the Dixon Hall audience and the millions watching on television during the tour stop at Tulane on Oct. 19.

Cramer assures the audience that he does not only entertain, but he educates as well. In this segment, students were able to come on stage and educate Cramer on what they knew about the stock market.

High-fives, thunderous applause and New Orleans-style music from the Tulane University Jazz Band sets the tone for Cramer"s grand entrance.

The “Mad Money” visit to Tulane marks the 15th time the show has taped live on a college campus. The tour debuted in 2006 at Cramer"s alma mater, Harvard University.