Photos: Welcome, Future Docs

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At Monday"s (Aug. 2) White Coat Ceremony, members of the class of 2014 inspect their new stethoscopes, a gift from the Tulane Medical Alumni Association. They are, from left, Varun Shetty of East Hills, N.Y., Carol Shih of New Orleans and Shoichi Shimamoto of Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Photo by Guillermo Cabrera-Rojo)

Tulane School of Medicine held special sessions for visiting parents of the new medical students. Addressing the parents" group is Dr. Benjamin P. Sachs, senior vice president and dean of the medical school. (Photo by Pat Garin)

It"s a happy occasion when parents gather at the Tulane downtown health sciences campus to celebrate their students" start of medical school. (Photo by Pat Garin)

At an event with parents and students at New Orleans City Park, Dr. Julius Levy welcomes a new medical student to Tulane. Levy is secretary of the Tulane Medical Alumni Association and an adjunct professor of structural and cellular biology. (Photo by Pat Garin)

Surrounded by lush foliage at City Park, new medical students, families and faculty members enjoy the summer evening. The new class of 188 students came to Tulane from more than 90 colleges and universities. (Photo by Pat Garin)