Republican vs. Democrat

The Tulane University uptown campus will be the setting for the inaugural political summit of the Bipartisan Policy Center. On Nov. 9–10 it will bring together some of the nation's most prominent Republican and Democratic political consultants.

James Carville and Mary Matalin will serve as honorary co-chairs and Big Easy hosts of the Bipartisan Policy Center's inaugural political summit that will be held on the Tulane uptown campus. (Photo from the Washington Speakers Bureau)

The summit's theme is "Taking the Poison Out of Partisanship." It will feature panel discussions with leading consultants from both parties who are on the front lines of the increasingly polarized debate in American politics.

Participants include Republicans Dan Bartlett, Charlie Black, Tony Blankley, Alex Castellanos, Chris LaCivita, Jeff Larson, Bill McInturff, Mark McKinnon, Steve Schmidt and David Winston, and Democrats John Anzalone, Tad Devine, Stanley Greenberg, Larry Grisolano, Mandy Grunwald, Joe Lockhart, Kiki McLean, Steve McMahon, Hilary Rosen and Joe Trippi.

The forums will be moderated by some of America's top political journalists and analysts, including Ronald Brownstein, Charlie Cook and Walter Isaacson. Recent New Orleans transplants and veteran politicos, James Carville and Mary Matalin, will serve as honorary co-chairs and Big Easy hosts.

The summit is open to the public, but seating is limited. To register e-mail Sara Bronnenkant or phone 202-204-2400.

"This summit will provide an opportunity to discuss how Republicans and Democrats can adhere to their ideological principles while maintaining an aura of civility," said Eileen McMenamin, vice president of communications of the Bipartisan Policy Center. "At a time when political battles have reached a fever pitch, the BPC is convening this forum to examine how bipartisan cooperation can be achieved in both policymaking and politics." This year's panel topics are: What's Fair in Politics; Assessing the Obama Presidency; Looking Ahead to 2010 and 2012; and The Role of the Media in Elections.

To conclude the summit, the Bipartisan Policy Center will host a barbecue and a charity Wii Decathlon with local children competing against political consultants and moderators. Proceeds will benefit the Devlin Student-Athletes for Education Center for Leadership Development, an organization that develops associations and relationships between Tulane student-athletes and New Orleans' schools and nonprofit organizations.