School of Architecture gets new equipment in digital lab

David Armentor, digital imaging specialist with the Tulane School of Architecture, has a new toy that he wants to share with the rest of the Tulane community.

The “toy” is in the form of shiny new HP PageWide XL 5000 Printer – a cutting-edge printing and scanning center that can produce up to 14 pages sized at 24”x 36” a minute.

“What sets this machine part is that it works more like a 3D printer, with multiple print heads that lay down ink as the sheet passes through,” Armentor said. “It has amazing speed. We can do turnaround very, very quickly.”

Armentor wants student and faculty to know that as they prepare final projects and presentations, they can place orders through the Digital Output Lab at 104 Richardson Memorial Hall. Under the direction of external affairs manager Caitlin Soden, the lab is a student-run and managed digital fabrication and production center that also features a variety of other printing and scanning devices.

The printer is not just intended for academic projects. Student organizations, for example, may use it for banners and posters.

Fees for standard presentation boards are very competitive ranging from $15 - $40 depending on paper type. For more information, visit the Digital Output Lab. To place an order, check out the following links: DOL Schedule, How to submit a plot, and IT payment.