Student film is a ‘ Work in Progress’

For her final project in the Digital Media Production program, Lauren Kornick had to produce a 15-minute film that would be publicly showcased during the end-of-the-year senior capstone film screening at the Prytania Theater.

She drew inspiration from the “shenanigan-based comedies” that she loves including shows like “Community” and “The Muppets.”

After several drafts, she reviewed the process and thought, “maybe the story is in my creation of a story.” The end result was the production of a comedy titled, “Work in Progress” about the different situations and stresses involved in creating a student film.

Digital Media Production students are set to present their films during a public screening Thursday (May 12) at the Prytania Theater.

“The film follows a college student named Kathy who has a dream of making a film,” says Kornick, a double major in business marketing and digital media production. “With the help of her best friend, who’s a writer, Kathy fights to finish her film even though the universe seems against her in the process.”

Kornick is one of 12 student filmmakers who will showcase their work during the digital media production program’s capstone film screenings at the Prytania Theater on Thursday (May 12).

Mary Blue, director of the digital media program, says the screening is a good opportunity for students to gain feedback. But Kornick says the process can be a bit nerve wracking for first-time filmmakers.

“The idea of my project being shown on such a large screen in the Prytania makes me partially anxious and partially nonchalant,” says Kornick. “On the other hand, the audience will include my friends, family and peers. That will make me feel less concerned about the overall audience perception.”

The film screenings are free and open to the public. The first film begins at 6 p.m. For more information contact Mary Blue.