Students learn that failure is part of success

When Krista Casale, a senior success coach in the Tulane Success Center, heard about a program called “Stanford, I Screwed Up,” she knew it was something that would be equally beneficial at Tulane University.

Using that model, Casale created The Story of Failure Program at Tulane, which will host its own version titled “Dear Tulane, Failure Happens,” on Thursday, March 9. Organized by Casale and La’Tesha Hinton from The Well for Health Promotion, the event is intended to appeal to the daily struggles college students face regarding the concept of failure.

“Our mission is to support students in developing a mindset that allows them to grow from failure as they navigate the unavoidable challenges of a rigorous education and meaningful life,” Casale said. “We also acknowledge the emotional impact that failure has on all of us and want to provide students an outlet to share these experiences.”

“We want to challenge the perception that failure must be avoided in order to be successful.”

Krista Casale

The event will be emceed by two professional comedians and will feature Tulane professors and students sharing personal stories of overcoming obstacles.

“We want to challenge the perception that failure must be avoided in order to be successful,” Casale said. “We want this to be a powerful message for students while also normalizing common setbacks with a little comedy.”

The Story of Failure Program, formerly known as the Resilience Cooperative, hosts programs like this and others throughout the year with a goal of representing the interests of students, faculty and staff who focus on cultivating resilient mindsets and challenging the perception that failure must be avoided at all costs.

“Dear Tulane, Failure Happens” will take place in Kendall Cram in the Lavin-Bernick Center. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and the event begins at 9 p.m. Students can RSVP to the event here.

Samantha Gaynor is a freshman at Tulane University majoring in communication and digital media production.

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