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Tulane announces core values that are foundational to university

April 20, 2022 9:30 AM
Jill Dorje jdorje@tulane.edu
Tulane’s core values embody the spirit of the university and are the foundational principles that lead to a dynamic future. (Photo by Sally Asher)


In January, Tulane conducted a survey, asking members of its community to share the principles, both current and aspirational, that they believe embody the spirit of the university as it moves forward into a bold new future.

What emerged from the surveys and subsequent focus groups was a clear and passionate belief embracing six overarching values. These foundational principles express Tulane’s essential character and pave the way for a dynamic future, according to President Michael Fitts.

“I believe that core values are the essence of any great university. They are the foundation on which goals are based, actions are taken, and positive change achieved,” Fitts said. “These are the principles that unite us in a divided and challenging time. They give us stability and flexibility, common ground and a common purpose. They are our essence.”

In a university-wide message Fitts outlined Tulane’s Core Values as follows:

Leading for a Better Tomorrow

This core value expresses Tulane’s commitment to leading the way to a better future by confidently, courageously and humbly confronting global challenges and opening up new opportunities and possibilities for the future. This value is part of Tulane’s mission statement: “to create, communicate, and conserve knowledge in order to enrich the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities to think, to learn, and to act and lead with integrity and wisdom.”

Knowledge for Good

Tulane has a long history of meaningful exploration and discovery, teaching students to love knowledge both for its own sake, as well as using that knowledge to confront the most urgent issues of our time. This includes using scholarship and research to tackle global problems such as COVID-19 and environmental challenges.

Unconventional Innovation

Through its collaborative spirit, Tulane brings together bold and creative scholars, scientists and students whose work crosses, combines and redefines boundaries that have separated fields in the past. This ingenuity and growth mindset allows for true innovation.

Inclusive Community

An inclusive community supports an environment of equity, diversity, compassion, respect, and opportunity. We strive to make Tulane a more supportive home for all, and we must be open-hearted and willing to learn from past mistakes to build a better tomorrow. We create living, learning and work environments where we take active steps wherever possible to reduce inequities experienced by our community members who are underrepresented and underserved. We have a shared destiny, common humanity, and a better future that we can only reach by working together. Diversity is a hallmark of a great university committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive future. This is the university Tulane aspires to be. 

Collaborative Engagement

Tulane was founded on the idea that we must look outward in order to find impactful, real-world solutions that make a difference in the lives of others. By partnering and engaging with our community, our region and our world, Tulanians can accomplish much good.

Inspiring Excellence

This core value speaks to being purpose-driven and intentional in everything we do – from groundbreaking research to teaching and public service. As Tulane prepares the next generation of leaders, the community is tasked with seeking more, doing more and being more.

To learn more about the Core Values Project and the inspiring work being done by the Tulane community, click here.