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Under the Oaks 2022

May 21, 2022 5:30 PM
Alicia Serrano Bilich aserrano1@tulane.edu

Newcomb Institute held its annual Under the Oaks ceremony on Friday, May 20, in Dixon Hall.

The ceremony honored Newcomb Scholars, Newcomb Institute award and grant recipients, outstanding faculty, alumnae association award recipients and members of the Class of 1970, 1971 and 1972. Members of the Class of 1972 received a second diploma from the institute, commemorating their 50-year reunion.

Prior to the presentation of awards, Executive Director of Newcomb Institute Sally Kenney, addressed the Class of 2022.

“Each generation is defined by the issues it chooses to address, as well as how it responds to issues not of its choosing,” Kenney said.

She said that she has learned to never underestimate the power of new generations asking uncomfortable questions.

“Graduates, whether it’s sexual violence, unequal pay or racial injustice, don't accept the way things are, keep pressing for how things should be.”

She continued with a call to action by stating, “Graduates, take your seat at the table. Insert yourself at the center of power, not only in the girls auxiliary on the margins. Once there, be bold and demand what’s right in speaking up for equality. Use your voice on the issues you care about.”

Kenney encouraged the graduates to develop an instinct for activism.

“As you do, think of all the Newcomb graduates who came before you as the wind at your back, holding you up, whatever the challenge.”

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The ceremony opened with the procession of the Daisy Chain, which consists of over 1,000 daises gathered by the members of the junior class. The Daisy Chain has been a tradition in Newcomb commencement ceremonies since the early days of the college. (Photo by Cheryl Gerber)
Sally Kenney, executive director of Newcomb Institute, congratulates the Newcomb graduates and recognizes the faculty and staff for their dedication. (Photo by Cheryl Gerber)
Newcomb Institute welcomed back members of the Newcomb College classes of 1970, 1971 and 1972 to be recognized at the ceremony. The Class of 1972 celebrated its 50-year reunion. (Photo by Cheryl Gerber)
Lily Mae Lazarus, graduating senior who majored in international relations and Middle Eastern Studies, addressed the graduates, while paying homage to the Class of 1972. She said, in part, “We have learned to rebuild the community after displacement. We have learned to adapt to constantly evolving scenarios. And we have learned to create a space in which we take nothing for granted. We should come together and celebrate our collective achievements, uplift the voices of other women and stop apologizing for our success. Maybe then we can finish what the second wave of feminism started and honor the legacy of women’s liberation.” (Photo by Cheryl Gerber)
Newcomb Scholars of the Class of 2022 are recognized on stage. (Photo by Cheryl Gerber)