"We"re a School of Creativity"

The library of the Tulane president's home on Dec. 8 was filled with displays of academic achievement — new books ranging from fiction to photographs of Russia to research on China, Germany and Cuba, and computers displaying art, music and documentaries, all produced by 21 members of the School of Liberal Arts.


Sociologist Diane Grams' new book is on display beside CDs from professor Nick Spitzer's "American Routes," radio show. (Photos by Guillermo Cabrera-Rojo)

Carole Haber, dean of the school, stepped to the podium at the Faculty Showcase Reception and congratulated her colleagues for their work during the past school year.

"We're a school of creativity, of insight, of amazing thought and amazing imagination," Haber said. "We do share a vision of what it means to be the School of Liberal Arts."

Faculty and staff members from the school, along with representatives from the school's Dean's Advisory Committee, leafed through the books on display, talking with faculty authors such as William Brumfield, professor of Russian studies, who exhibited three volumes in a series on regions of Russia and their architecture.

Women Fielding Danger, by sociologist Martha K. Huggins, occupied one table along with Liliana Porter and the Art of Simulation by Florencia Bazzano-Nelson, assistant professor of art history, while another display showed Queen's Court: Judicial Power in the Rehnquist Era by political scientist Nancy Maveety, alongside 100 Years of Spanish Cinema by Tatjana Pavlovic, associate professor in Spanish and Portuguese.


William Brumfield, left, professor of Russian studies, shows one of his new books to Gene Koss, art professor.

Meanwhile, attendees congregated around laptop computers displaying images from a solo exhibit by Jeremy Jernegan, associate professor of art and associate dean, and choral programs conducted by C. Leonard Raybon, assistant professor of music and director of choirs.

The school produced a brochure describing all the scholarly works.

"It's a pleasure to celebrate your accomplishments," provost Michael Bernstein told the group.

President Scott Cowen thanked members of the Dean's Advisory Committee for their support of Tulane, saying, "If you ever wondered where your money goes, it goes to support extraordinary faculty, students and staff."