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You know it’s almost Halloween when…

October 29, 2021 9:30 AM
Jill Dorje jdorje@tulane.edu

Nothing heralds Halloween in New Orleans like the arrival of the bony guests outside the “Skeleton House,” located at 6000 St. Charles Ave. Every year, apart from 2020 when the skeleton crew took the year off due to the pandemic, the grounds of the home of Louellen Berger and Darryl Berger, former chair of the Board of Tulane, are transformed into a festive and comical attraction for visitors and New Orleanians alike. Louellen Berger created her first Halloween skeleton Lazy Bones in 2002 and the number continues to grow! (Photos by Rusty Costanza)

Is President Mike Fist’s Green Wave ready for a journey with Ellis Ewe skeleton?
Murder Ms. Tree gives a nod to the queen of vampire mysteries, Anne Rice.
The Day of the Dead skeletons are ready for a celebration.
Dare Devil skeleton says, “Look, no hands!”
President Mike Fist’s Green Wave and Ellis Ewe shares space with legendary movie actress skeleton Marrow-lyn Monroe.
Poets unite! Grab a good book and relax with Dead Poets Society skeleton.
A multitude of skeletons congregate on the lawn — waiting for them is Mourning Call with a pick-me-up.
Too many skeletons in one place! This one has escaped up a tree.
All the skeletons will greet visitors at the Pearly Gates.