Blood pressure reading
Study finds training ‘village doctors’ can improve blood-pressure control in rural areas

May 02, 2022

High blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease and early death, but many across the globe live in areas with limited access to high-quality healthcare. The problem is especially serious in rural China where
Tulane library Audubon's Birds of America
Library event takes flight

April 29, 2022

Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC) resumes its practice of “Flipping the Bird” — a weekly practice of turning a page in its John James Audubon Birds of America series.
Tulane medical student organizes relief efforts amidst violence in Ukraine

April 29, 2022

When a video of airstrikes against Ukraine started circulating on social media several months ago, Tulane medical student Oleksandr Orak hoped that it wasn’t real.
Tulane professors Michelle Foa and Laura McKinney
Tulane researchers awarded grant to develop environmental humanities minor

April 29, 2022

Two Tulane University School of Liberal Arts professors have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to develop an environmental humanities minor.
Tulane researchers James Moran and Damien Murray
Researchers study impact of college personality course on personality understanding

April 28, 2022

Tulane researchers conducted a study that looked at the connection between students taking an introductory personality course and their dispositional intelligence.
Dr. Xuebin Qin
Tulane researchers receive American Heart Association grant to study COVID’s vascular effects

April 25, 2022

The American Heart Association has awarded Tulane University researchers $940,000 to study how COVID-19 spurs vascular inflammation that may increase risks for blood clots and lingering symptoms of long COVID.