Bernhard makes '360 Promise' to encourage Tulane students to enter energy industry

Bernhard announced this week a bold commitment to hire 360 Tulane University graduates over the next three decades. Dubbed the “360 Promise,” the program is a partnership between Bernhard and the Tulane Energy Institute, a world-renowned component of Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. The commitment, although primarily focused on Tulane Energy Institute students and curriculum, also extends to other relevant departments across the university, including Tulane’s Law School and School of Science and Engineering. 

“When we think globally about the opportunity that the Energy Transition presents, it’s clear to us that talent is a critical ingredient to success,” said Rob Guthrie, Bernhard’s Chief Development Officer. “That’s true of the energy industry in general, and it’s certainly true at Bernhard. By making the 360 Promise with Tulane, Bernhard is strengthening its role to shape and develop future industry leaders. It’s a bold and exciting step, made more significant by the strength of our partner—one of the nation’s leading universities.”

As a branch of the Freeman School of Business, the Tulane Energy Institute provides educational opportunities that improve understanding of the integration of energy markets, policies, technology and the environment, and fosters interest and expertise in the energy industry, propelling graduates into top positions in one of the world’s most dynamic fields. As part of the commitment, Bernhard experts will assist Tulane in developing course content and curricula relevant to burgeoning trends in the energy services industry.

“A unique feature of this promise is folding in Bernhard projects into our course content,” said Pierre Conner, Executive Director of Tulane Energy Institute. “Students get a chance to learn from real-time projects alongside experts from one of the most respected energy services companies in the world. That brings our curriculum to life and makes for a more engaging learning experience, which we take great pride in at Tulane.”

360 Promise comes on the heels of Project RISE, a 30-year Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) partnership, designed to help Tulane substantially reduce on-campus greenhouse gas emissions, with a goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Bernhard will complete a host of major energy infrastructure improvements at Tulane facilities including construction of a 1-megawatt solar energy plant that will supply 10 percent of electrical demand at Tulane's uptown campus.