Tulane launches online Doctorate in Social Work with Noodle Partners

The Tulane University School of Social Work (TSSW) is launching an online Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) program with Noodle Partners, its online innovation partner since 2017. The program, which will go live September 2019, is the first online doctorate program at Tulane and the only degree program of its kind in the Gulf South.

The DSW is designed to prepare graduates as advanced social work practitioners and leaders. The curriculum will explore the impact of social injustice, poverty and discrimination on individuals and communities. Students enrolled in the program will learn to think innovatively and critically about today’s most pressing social problems that impact health and behavioral health.

“From its origins as a medical school founded in 1834 to combat Yellow Fever and other tropical diseases that were devastating the local community, Tulane has always been an outward-facing institution, dedicated to addressing societal problems and improving lives,” Tulane President Mike Fitts said. “The online DSW is a new and exciting avenue through which we will educate the next generation of social workers and continue our work in promoting community health and behavioral health both locally and throughout the world."

“This new program offers students around the globe the opportunity to learn how to carry out meaningful, impactful work from the faculty of one of the top schools of social work in the world.”

Tulane Provost Robin Forman, senior vice president for academic affairs

Tulane’s Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Robin Forman said the new program meets an increasing demand for social work services.

“The need for highly trained social workers is growing incredibly fast, and the undersupply is hindering our ability to support safe and healthy families and communities,” Forman said. “This new program offers students around the globe the opportunity to learn how to carry out meaningful, impactful work from the faculty of one of the top schools of social work in the world.”

The program will use evidence-based decisions to design, evaluate and implement programs and policies that promote social justice and equity. An immersion weekend will allow students to meet face to face with faculty, colleagues and community organizations in New Orleans.

“The Tulane DSW program will offer students the unique opportunity to become future leaders with expertise in evidence informed, interdisciplinary community practice that advances the behavioral health and health needs of individuals, families, and communities,” said School of Social Work Dean Patrick Bordnick. “Graduates will lead the profession in 'Doing Work That Matters.' ”

Blending clinical experience and training in research and leadership, the program will be taught by nationally renowned faculty with expertise in grant writing, program evaluation, academic publication and public policy. Graduates will be well-prepared for a variety of advanced career roles, including management of social service programs, applied research, nonprofit leadership, and university-based teaching.

“We are focused on training future leaders to ensure that community and social resources are efficiently and effectively utilized,” said Tonya Hansel, director of the program.

Noodle Partners CEO John Katzman said the DSW is an exciting next step in its history of building excellent programs with Tulane.  “The School of Social Work recognizes the power of online learning, and we’re thrilled to keep exploring and innovating with them.”

The 56-credit program can be pursued in a traditional 2.5-year format. Applications are now being accepted for its initial cohort. For enrollment inquiries please visit: socialwork.tulane.edu