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Tulane Simulation Center to Host Medical Training Days for Walter Cohen Students

October 12, 2009 3:45 AM


Keith Brannon

The Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Team Training will extend patient safety initiatives into the community and help the next generation of healthcare professionals get a first taste of hands-on medical training with two training days scheduled Oct. 19 and Oct. 29 for students of Walter L. Cohen High School"s Academy of Health Sciences.

The center vividly replicates a hospital setting to give healthcare providers a real-world environment to learn, practice and master the latest techniques for patient care. The center also features life-sized robotic patients that can mimic ailments and symptoms hospital staff see on a daily basis. During a normal day at the Sim Center, medical students are the learners as they start their careers as physicians by perfecting their techniques, learning to work as a team and practicing protocols that ensure patient safety.

However, on the two training days, Tulane medical students will be the teachers, passing on basic techniques and knowledge to Cohen High School students and possibly influencing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Students from the Academy of Health Sciences will learn about hospital rapid-response teams and performing CPR in a hospital setting. They will also get to practice laparoscopic skills, take vital signs on a patient, assess trauma victims and learn how to insert an IV using a training mannequin.

Tulane medical students, who will develop the curriculum for the event, will be role models for Cohen students as they encourage them to follow the health sciences career path.

The Sim center is located at 131 S. Robertson St. on the third floor of the Murphy Building in New Orleans" downtown medical district. While one of its primary functions is training Tulane students and residents, it has a broader mission to serve as a best practices training and certification resource for healthcare providers throughout the region and any other industries that benefit from a simulated environment.

For more information or to find out how to book individual or team-based training sessions, visit http://simcenter.tulane.edu.

Walter L.Cohen High School is located at 3520 Dryades St. in New Orleans. Students enrolled in the Academy of Health Sciences program prepare for future careers in health care by graduating with certification and endorsements in pre-medical training, nursing, sports medicine, nutrition or first responder/emergency medical services.