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Tulane experts available to speak on coronavirus

Tulane University experts and researchers are available to speak to reporters on all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. From physicians on the front lines of clinical care and scientists developing new tests, treatments and preventions to epidemiologists and disease modelers tracking ways to stop the spread of the virus, our faculty are available to share their knowledge about the latest science and how Tulane is contributing to COVID-19 response efforts. We also have faculty who can address the mental health and economic challenges sparked by the pandemic. 

For journalists interested in speaking with one of Tulane’s experts, please contact the Tulane public relations office.

Media advisories on coronavirus



Interview the experts

Tulane School of Medicine

Dr. David Mushatt profile pic

Dr. David Mushatt, Associate professor of medicine and section chief

An infectious diseases expert and can speak about clinical aspects of the disease — symptoms, transmission, hospital safeguards and how risks from COVID-19 compare to the seasonal flu and other infectious diseases. 

Contact Dr. David Mushatt

Dr. David Mushatt specializes in infectious diseases and is an expert in COVID-19. He leads the Infectious Diseases section at Tulane University School of Medicine and his clinical interests include HIV medicine and diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Tony Hu profile pic

Tony Hu, Weatherhead Presidential Chair in Biotechnology Innovation

Expert in developing advanced diagnostics for personalized medicine and COVID-19 research

Contact Tony Hu

Tony Hu is a pioneer in developing advanced diagnostics for personalized medicine. Hu is working to develop highly sensitive blood or saliva tests for COVID-19 that rely on nanotechnology-based strategies to find biomarkers of disease.

Bob Garry profile pic

Bob Garry, Professor of microbiology and immunology

Expert in COVID-19, pathology, immunotherapy, virology and molecular mechanisms of viral pathogenesis.

Contact Bob Garry

A leading expert in virology, Bob Garry is part of a team decoding the genome of the coronavirus to determine its origins and how it possibly evolved from bats and pangolins. Garry leads Tulane’s Center of Excellence in the Global Virus Network, an organization of leading medical virologists from 25 countries dedicated to fighting pandemic viral threats through collaborative research, training and advocacy.

Dr. John Schieffelin profile pic

Dr. John Schieffelin, Pediatric and adult infectious diseases physician

Expert on the natural history, clinical care and immunology of viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) and COVID-19.

Contact Dr. John Schieffelin

As part of Tulane’s clinical and research team in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak, Dr. John Schieffelin is an expert in outbreak response efforts. He can speak about the epidemiology of the coronavirus disease, risks of spread and issues around quarantine policies.