‘She has always done what was best for Tulane’

After 15 years at Tulane University, alumna Anne Baños, chief of staff and vice president for administrative services, is leaving the university, but her dedication and service will be well remembered by her colleagues.

Her time at Tulane bookends a career that began with a stint in the early ’80s as a Tulane admission officer and ends with a return to Tulane in 2000, when she joined then-Tulane President Scott Cowen as chief of staff and vice president.

During those years, Baños has shown a dedication to the university by working tirelessly toward community relations, donor relations, and emergency planning and response, among other things.

Current Tulane President Mike Fitts says Baños, a 1984 graduate of Newcomb College, was instrumental in getting him acclimated to the university and New Orleans when he took office in July 2014.

“Anne has made countless contributions to Tulane throughout the years, and her vast knowledge of all things New Orleans were invaluable to me, especially as a new president,” says Fitts.

Cowen, who calls Baños “one of his heroes” for her outstanding service to the university before and after Hurricane Katrina, says she always worked with one objective in mind — doing what was best for Tulane.

“Her professionalism, engaging interpersonal skills, fantastic humor and focused approach to her work made her an invaluable member of the senior leadership team,” says Cowen. “Her institutional knowledge as an alumna and long-term administrator will be sorely missed, but her legacy established a solid foundation for the future.”

Those who worked in the trenches with Baños, including Yvette Jones, executive vice president for university relations and development, shared similar sentiments.

Jones says, “Rarely do you have the opportunity to work with someone with whom you are so compatible. Anne was the perfect match to me in getting things done at Tulane. I set the stage, and she put the production together. She is the ultimate professional and the best project leader I have worked with. Together, we were able to get so much accomplished.”

“Anne has made countless contributions to Tulane throughout the years and her vast knowledge of all things New Orleans were invaluable to me especially as a new president.”

President Mike Fitts