17 reasons why you should attend Tulane

[As told by first-year Tulane University student Ellen Kurensky.]

It's officially college decision season. Students are hearing back from universities and making commitments. To many high school seniors, this is a stressful period to say the least. Colleges are sending out acceptance—and rejection— letters, peers are making decisions as to where they want to go, and it's the topic of everyone's conversations. It's a big deal. Decisions are being made regarding the next four years of your life.  As May approaches, you may find yourself struggling to make a decision. I was in your position not long ago. But, I can now happily say, I love Tulane. I truly do. Tulane is without a doubt the place I'm supposed to be, and I'm proud to say I attend the university. If it's on your list, please strongly consider it. By now I'm sure you've heard how beautiful Tulane's campus is, how amazing New Orleans is, how the weather is always fantastic, and how most of our classes have low student-to-teacher ratios. And while I love Tulane for all those reasons, I love Tulane for all the unique and out of the ordinary experiences the university has to offer.

Visit The Odyssey online for the full list. Here are Ellen's top five:

Mardi Gras
1. Mardi Gras—Not only do we have days off from school to celebrate, we also have the Mardi Gras bead tree as a reminder that Carnival is always around the corner.
Mike Fitts
2. You will actually meet Tulane's President—While at some universities, the president is someone you've only ever heard about or seen on a poster somewhere, at Tulane you can find President Mike Fitts walking around campus, stopping by student organizations, even celebrating Shabbat with Hillel.
Service day
3. Outreach Tulane—The university encourages all students to participate in the school sponsored day of service known as "Outreach Tulane." It brings the student body together and helps the community!
Waffle truck
4. Tuesday Truck-Ins—Every once in a while you can find a number of food trucks lined up on McAlister Drive. It's a great alternative to the Bruff Commons dining hall and most of the trucks take either Wavebucks or NOLAbucks.
5. You're accepted into all of Tulane's academic schools—This means that you can study anything you want to, without having to worry about applying for a program.