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Augmented reality brochure offers prospective students interactive glimpse into Tulane

July 10, 2019 12:30 PM
Alicia Serrano aserrano1@tulane.edu
The Office of Undergraduate Admission created a new augmented reality brochure to send to prospective students. Augmented reality allows users to see a real-life environment enhanced through computer-generated content. (Photo by Alicia Serrano)


The Office of Undergraduate Admission is bringing an interactive experience of Tulane University straight to the fingertips of prospective students through a new augmented reality brochure. Augmented reality allows users to see a real-life environment enhanced through computer-generated information.

Users must download the InsideTulane app in order to experience the augmented reality built into the brochure. In the app, students can then use their smartphones to scan sections of the brochure and digital components appears, such as a video. A “Click here” button also appears on the screen, which provides more information at Tulane’s website.

“It brings Tulane to people in a way that I don’t think any other medium can,” said Satyajit Dattagupta, vice president of enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admission.

One element of the brochure allows prospective students to see a 360-degree view of Tulane’s academic quad, while another features a video of current students discussing the benefits of applying to Early Decision.

“I think augmented reality is a close second to being on campus in some ways and it allows students to experience Tulane beyond the paper and beyond the brochure,” Morgan England, director of admission engagement, said.

Noel Wong, Tulane’s chief information officer, brought the idea of augmented reality to the Dattagupta’s attention in March.

“As I thought about it, we send brochures to students and those students get brochures from a lot of other institutions,” Dattagupta said.

He said that adding augmented reality helps Tulane stand out to prospective students and allows them to get a personal glimpse into the university.

The brochure took 60 days to create. Once Dattagupta came up with the idea, both England and Leila Labens, director of strategic recruitment, spearheaded the effort to bring the project to fruition.

The majority of students with whom the Office of Undergraduate Admission engages, Dattagupta said, are always drawn to their smartphones.

“We thought, why not bring Tulane to them in a way that hasn’t been done before and meet them where they are?” Labens said.

Scanned with the app, other sections of the brochure provide a peek into a day with Director of Admission Jeff Schiffman, following him around the city and Tulane while he interacts with staff and students. Another section highlights events and restaurants unique to New Orleans, such as Mardi Gras and Commander’s Palace, which Tulane students and those visiting can experience.

Dattagupta said he and his team are hopeful about the engagement that the brochure will receive.

So far, 6,000 students have signed up and received it.

“I feel like our faith is reaffirmed in many ways; that students do like these innovative approaches,” he said.

To sign up for one of the brochures, click here.