Band together

As the summer wound to a close, Tulane University Marching Band members braved sweltering heat and high humidity to practice their art on the uptown campus. The band assembled at Brown Field for a week's worth of music rehearsals and marching practice in mid-August before the start of the fall semester. Photos by Rusty Costanza.

Tulane Band member Zach St. Pierre
Zach St. Pierre leads the Tulane University Marching Band (TUMB) in stretches before their annual Band Camp recently on Brown Field.
Tulane Band member Samuel Tyree
Samuel Tyree holds his trombone in position.
Tulane Band member Rhiannon Gudge
Rhiannon Gudge readies her flute for the next note.
Tulane Band member Joscelyn Caldwell
Joscelyn Caldwell and other clarinetists practice movements during camp.
Tulane Band member MaKenzie Lemon
MaKenzie Lemon, left, wearing a tropical-patterned shirt that matches the August climate, performs with the rest of the saxophonists.
Tulane Band member Damien Cameron
Damien Cameron, front right, practices footwork and marching with TUMB while playing the flute.
Tulane Band member Liz Morgan
Liz Morgan, front left, practices on Brown Field.
Tulane Band member Ava Lange
Color Guard member Ava Lange twirls her flag while practicing with TUMB.
Tulane Band member Franklin Stanley
Franklin Stanley practices with the percussion section.
Tulane Band members Owen Kidd and Justice Alcantar
Owen Kidd and Justice Alcantar practice their formations during camp.