Campus recycling competition underway

Tulane University is currently participating in Recyclemania, a nationwide recycling and waste-reduction competition, alongside hundreds of other universities. The eight-week competition concludes on April 1.

To get started, participants should visit to learn the basic procedures for recycling in their building or residence hall.  

“The recycling systems on the uptown campus and downtown campuses are slightly different,” said Liz Davey, director of the Office of Sustainability.  “On the downtown campus, you bring your recyclables to recycling bins in shared and public spaces, and you can place paper, plastic bottles and metal cans in the same bin.”

On the uptown campus, however, paper is collected separately from plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

A social media campaign has also been launched to promote and support recycling on campus. Twitter posts from @GreenTulane will tag and challenge other Tulane Twitter accounts to post their images of recycling efforts using #TulaneRecycles. Posts are being archived here.

So far, Davey said that participants have recorded a reduction in waste using reusable mugs and water bottles, recycled printer paper and reusable shopping bags.

Get more information on the competition by visiting the Office of Sustainability on Facebook and Twitter.

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