From elections to holiday shopping safety, faculty make headlines


From midterm elections to holiday shopping safety, national reporters reached out to our Tulane faculty for their expertise. Here’s the latest Tulane News in Review.

Tulane political scientist Mirya Holman reviewed how female candidates fared in the midterm elections. She also looked at their effectiveness in Congress. Holman spoke with the New York Times.

Geologist Tor Tornqvist talked about the shrinking Louisiana coastline with the Washington Post and Spanish newspaper El Diario.

Environmental sciences professor Alex Kolker took Fox News along to survey neighborhoods in New Orleans that are rapidly sinking.

NPR interviewed Tulane Traumatology Institute Director Charles Figley about compassion fatigue following another mass shooting.

The School of Social Work’s Catherine Burnette spoke with the Washington Post about divorce and conflict resolution.

The Post also asked experts including Tulane historian Walter Isaacson what kids should be learning in school right now.

Tulane epidemiologist Maeve Wallace received two grants to study maternal mortality, a story covered by the Associated Press.

Tulane dermatologist Dr. Leah Jacob tells Live Science lip balm can make your chapped lips worse.

And Self turned to Tulane dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo to talk Fraxel laser treatment.

Economist Nora Lustig wrote about the global financial system for Brookings.

With the holiday shopping season underway, the School of Professional Advancement’s William Rials offered Forbes readers advice for preventing identity theft.

Finally, the School of Business’ Jasmijn Bol tells Fast Company skills you learned on the job can help you deal with difficult family members this holiday season.

That’s all for Tulane News in Review. Thanks for watching!