Meet the newest Tulanians, the Class of 2025!

Meet the Class of 2025! These new Tulanians are the most diverse and most academically gifted class to be admitted to the university to date. Below, the class at a glance. Graphic by Chelsea Christopher.

  • Number of students in class: about 2,000
  • Number of applications for 2021-22: 45,525
  • Acceptance rate: 9.8%
  • Top 5 states: California, New York, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois
  • Sampling of foreign countries represented: China, UK, Panamá, México, India, Canada
  • Percentage of first-generation college students: 7.2% self-identify as first-gen
  • Percentage of diversity: 26% BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or person of color)


  • 207 Perfect GPAs
  • 30 valedictorians
  • Most common name: Emma (23 students)