News in review: Sept. 11, 2017

Tulane News in Review is a bi-weekly wrap-up of Tulane experts featured in national news. The links below take you to the news stories in which our Tulanians appeared.

President Emeritus of Tulane Scott Cowen appeared on CNBC to talk about rebuilding efforts following Katrina and how the recovery following Hurricane Harvey is unfolding.

Historian Andy Horowitz had a perspective piece in the Washington Post. He was also quoted by the New York Times and Time Magazine.

Doug Harris, director of the Education Research Alliance was quoted in the New York Times about Harvey’s impact on schools. He also talked with Minnesota Public Radio about school vouchers.

CNBC reached out to Tulane history professor Walter Isaacson to talk about FEMA’s response in Katrina versus Harvey.

Isaacson also had an opinion piece in the Washington Post about how Americans can all help rebuild Houston.

Professor and Dr. Maureen Lichtveld and Dean Pierre Buekens of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine both lent their expertise to reporters covering Hurricane Harvey. Buekens was quoted by ABC News and the New York Times while Lichtveld spoke with The Hill.

A.B. Freeman School of Business professor Eric Smith talked with the New York Times and Bloomberg about Harvey’s impact on the Gulf Coast’s energy facilities.

Political scientist Mirya Holman co-authored a column in the Washington Post about how campaign attacks hurt women candidates more than men.

The Washington Times featured a new study on river diversions by researchers Alex Kolker and Reda Amer.

Venezuelan expert David Smilde talked to the New York Times and ABC News.

Also from the School of Liberal Arts, Jesmyn Ward authored a new book that’s earning rave reviews by the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine and Mother Jones.

And visiting professor of creative writing Bernice McFadden spoke with NBC News about her career and upcoming book.