President’s teaching awards recognize Zender, Höner zu Bentrup

The 2018 President’s Awards for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching go to Kerstin Höner zu Bentrup, an assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the School of Medicine, and Marc Zender, an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts. (Photos by Paula Burch-Celentano)

Kerstin Höner zu Bentrup
A researcher in bacterial pathogenesis, Kerstin Höner zu Bentrup has been in the classroom since 2008. She is a pioneer in the use of active learning strategies within her courses for medical and master’s degree students. In 2013, she became director of the Master of Medical Microbiology/Immunology program, which she helped to create. “One of her greatest strengths ... is her ability to identify how students can best grasp the detailed and complex material that characterizes the area of infectious disease; she tailors her presentations to meet their learning styles,” wrote a colleague.
Marc Zender
Marc Zender, a specialist in anthropological linguistics, and in particular Mesoamerican indigenous languages and writing systems, has an outstanding record of teaching. He received the School of Liberal Arts’ April Brayfield Award last year. “He is that rare combination of a truly first-tier scholar in the field and a truly dedicated and talented teacher,” wrote a former colleague. “The true strength of his lectures lies in his unmatched ability to engage his students … In Dr. Zender’s class, students learn because they are riveted from the first lecture,” said a graduate student.