Pulitzer Prize–winning poet to visit Tulane

UPDATE (Nov. 3, 2017): The visit by Jorie Graham as the 2017 Arons Visiting Poet on the uptown campus has been canceled until further notice. An update will be provided when a new date is scheduled.

Tulane University will host Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Jorie Graham as the 2017 Arons Visiting Poet for an open poetry reading on Monday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. on the uptown campus.

“Jorie Graham is one of the most innovative and exciting poets of our time,” said Peter Cooley, director of the creative writing program at Tulane and a facilitator of the Florie Gale Arons Poetry Program. “The sheer virtuosity of her work is stunning, but she connects as well with the most important issues of the 21st century.”

Graham’s works address themes of femininity and masculinity, art and history. During her visit, she will give an open reading of her poetry in Freeman Auditorium, as well as host a poetry workshop with local students and aspiring young poets.

“I’m looking forward to the program’s annual community workshop. The Newcomb College Institute has invited a small group of advanced poetry students and instructors from Tulane and local high schools to workshop their poems with Ms. Graham,” said Molly Pulda, co-facilitator of the Arons Poetry Program and professor of women’s literature at Tulane. “I’m looking forward to hearing Ms. Graham’s reactions to a wide range of works and to watching the participants’ poems take new shape over the course of the workshop.”

The Florie Gale Arons Poetry Program is sponsored by the Newcomb College Institute, and has annually brought a distinguished female poet to campus since 1999.

“This program is very important to us in the creative writing concentration,” said Cooley. “The poets brought to campus represent a star-studded cast of contemporary voices by women poets and expose students and the community to what is going on at the present in poetry."

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