School of Medicine holds virtual White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2024

On Jan. 8, first-year medical students at Tulane School of Medicine received their white coats at the official White Coat Ceremony, a rite of passage that symbolizes the students’ entry into the field of medicine. The ceremony for the Class of 2024 was delayed till this month because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the event was livestreamed for parents and friends. Students received their white coats and stethoscopes and recited the Tulane Physicians’ Oath. Watch a video from the ceremony by clicking here. (Photos by Sally Asher.)

Student William Smith at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
Medical student William Smith from Baton Rouge exits the Admissions and Student Affairs Office after picking up his white coat.
Handing out coats and stethoscopes at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs Dr. Elma LeDoux (left) and Emma Lewis (center right), a first-year student volunteer, hand white coats and stethoscopes to Evan Multala (center left) and Nduku Ngomba (right).
Dr. Lee Hamm at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
Senior Vice President and Dean Dr. Lee Hamm gives the welcome address at Tulane’s Virtual White Coat Ceremony.
Dr. Elma LeDoux speaking at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
Rev. William Terry (left), Dr. Lee Hamm (center right), and Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Kevin Krane (right) listen as Dr. Elma LeDoux (center left) introduces the keynote speaker at the Virtual White Coat Ceremony in Hutchinson Auditorium.
White coats backstage at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
Almost 200 white coats were distributed to students. The white coat symbolizes the idea that a physician’s “first obligation must be to serve the good of those persons who seek our help and trust us to provide it.”
Stage at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
A photograph of Mariel Colon-Leyva, a student from the Tulane School of Medicine’s Class of 2024, appears on screen during the Virtual White Coat Ceremony. Each student’s photo was displayed as their name was called during the livestreamed ceremony.
Dr. Elma LeDoux at Tulane White Coat Ceremony
Dr. Elma LeDoux explains to student Nathan MacMaster that there is a note inside each jacket from either a faculty member or a parent, to be opened after the ceremony. “My parents and I are looking forward to the online ceremony,” MacMaster said. “It’s just another instance of everyone making the best of the situation.”