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These healthcare professionals may be secret weapon against hypertension, study finds

The study evaluated 100 hypertension interventions around the world and found that those led by pharmacists and community health workers were most…

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Could tragic case be linked to chronic infection from Lyme bacteria?

A new Tulane University case study published in the journal Heliyon explores whether untreated, chronic Lyme disease could have played a role in a…

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Tulane awarded $11.2 million NIH grant to pioneer sex-based precision medicine

Tulane University has received a 5-year, $11.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to establish a Center of Biological Research…

Can estrogen use improve memory, brain aging? Tulane researcher seeks answers

Jill Daniel, PhD, the Gary P. Dohanich Professor of Brain Science at Tulane University School of Science and Engineering, has been awarded a $2.69…

Tulane to launch science communication program to help tackle global issues

Tulane's Murphy Institute is launching a new graduate-level program that aims to develop future leaders in science policy and communication who…

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Can A.I. tell you if you have osteoporosis? Newly developed deep learning model shows promise

Tulane University researchers developed a new deep learning algorithm to predict osteoporosis risk, a tool that could one day allow users to know…

Alumni spotlight: Research, service define graduate’s Tulane experience

A recent Tulane neuroscience graduate continues research at her alma mater with clinical psychologist Michael Hoerger, focusing on cancer and long…

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AI professor at Tulane wins CAREER award from National Science Foundation

Nicholas Mattei, associate professor of computer science in the School of Science and Engineering at Tulane, has received a CAREER award from the…

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Materials science professor at Tulane wins CAREER award from National Science Foundation

Matthew Montemore has received the CAREER award, a prestigious recognition that the NSF gives to early-career researchers.

Tulane students’ design for innovative lunar rover selected as finalist in NASA contest

A design for a plutonium-powered rover to hunt for water on the icy southernmost tip of the moon has landed a team of Tulane students among finalists…

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A dark side to dark chocolate? New study finds very minimal risk for kids from metals in chocolates

Dark chocolate can sometimes contain traces of cadmium and lead, but a new study found that consuming an ounce of chocolate per day poses no risk…

Five fun facts about cicadas, a ‘biological phenomenon to be relished’

Keith Clay, professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, shared some fun facts about cicadas in advance of this year’s emergence.

Deputy secretary of energy touts clean energy careers at Tulane visit

David Turk, deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, touts clean energy jobs during a program at Tulane.

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Tulane School of Science and Engineering announces new engineering minors for fall 2024

In the fall 2024 semester, undergraduates at Tulane will have three new options for minors in the School of Science and Engineering.

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Tulane University’s Middle American Research Institute receives grant for mapping of Maya civilization

The grant will increase the ability of the Middle American Research Institute’s Geographic Information Systems Lab to use lidar technology.

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Researchers develop new method for studying ‘underwater avalanches’

On the continental slope under the ocean, turbidity currents move more sediment than any process on Earth. These “underwater avalanches” move…

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Forging an inclusive physics community at Tulane

Between the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in January and the Society for Women in Physics and Engineering Physics, the physics…

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Mangroves are ‘just awesome,’ says Tulane researcher

Daniel Friess, the Cochran Family Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University, keeps it simple when explaining why mangroves,…

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Tulane inspires future scientists at Women and Girls in Science Symposium

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC) hosted its inaugural Women and Girls in Science…

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Infections from these bacteria are on the rise. New blood test cuts diagnosis time from months to hours

Tulane University researchers have designed a platform to perform blood-based diagnoses of nontuberculosis mycobacteria, simplifying and shortening a…

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Babies born with improper kidney development can face lifelong challenges. New study finds key biochemical pathway – and potential solution

A sugar-derived molecule, acetyl-CoA, may ensure proper development of nephrons, the filtering units in kidneys, in developing fetuses. Babies born…

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Tulane receives $1.6 million to develop nanoscale drug delivery

Creating holes in a cell is usually a bad thing, but researchers at Tulane are studying how they might create controlled nanopores to deliver…

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Study: This protein may be the ‘glue’ that helps COVID virus stick

A new study found that a protein most commonly found in blood vessels and the brain may enhance COVID-19's ability to bind with cells.

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Researchers discover brain pathway that regulates fear responses

In a new study published in Nature, researchers at Tulane describe a novel pathway in the brain that sheds light on the way the brain switches from a…

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Tulane opens Paul Hall, a transformative home for science and engineering

The spring semester begins with opening of Steven and Jann Paul Hall for Science and Engineering, a state-of-the-art building for discovery and…

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RSV shown to infect nerve cells, cause inflammation and damage

A new study from Tulane University has found that respiratory syncytial virus, a common respiratory infection in children and those 60 and older, can…

Two Tulane research pioneers named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Tulane University researchers Tony Hu, PhD, and David Coy, PhD, have been named Fellows by the National Academy of Inventors, a prestigious…

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Tulane scientists invent single, rapid test for both HIV and TB

Researchers at Tulane have developed a new and rapid test that can detect both HIV and tuberculosis at the same time with just a small amount of…

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How does alcohol’s anxiety reduction differ across sexes?

A new study out of Tulane University and LSU Health Sciences Center found that the mechanism that causes alcohol to decrease anxiety when consumed at…

Tulane and LSU awarded $22 million for plan to save Lower Mississippi River Delta

Tulane University and Louisiana State University have been awarded $22 million by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to…

After 50 years of pioneering research in rural Louisiana, study pivots from heart to brain

The landmark Bogalusa Heart Study reshaped the view of heart disease, revealing its childhood origins and racial health disparities. Tulane is…

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Neuroscience junior is called to serve others

Isabel Arrarás López, a junior majoring in neuroscience, has worked to help study and promote health equity events, is part of Tulane’s Food Recovery…

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Targeting gut microbiome could be key to improving HIV health outcomes

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President Fitts hails unprecedented success and achievements

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World’s coastal wetlands and coral reef islands face urgent sea level threat, new study shows

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AI analysis finds younger AFib patients benefit from MRI-guided ablation treatments