Scot Ackerman MakerSpace dedication

The dedication of the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace took place Thursday, Oct. 17 on Tulane's Uptown campus. The space offers students and professors access to fabrication tools such as laser cutters, lathes, milling machines and 3D printers. Ackerman is medical director of the Ackerman Cancer Center, a radiation oncologist and Tulane alumnus. For more on the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace, click here

(From left to right) Dean of Tulane's School of Science and Engineering Kimberly Foster, Alexandra Ackerman, and Scot Ackerman at the dedication ceremony Oct. 17, 2019. In his speech prior to the unveiling of the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace, Ackerman discussed the importance of interdisciplinary studies and having a space where students could “tinker.” (Photo by Sally Asher)
Scot and Alexandra Ackerman (far left) look up and smile after the unveiling of the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace sign. (Photo by Sally Asher)