Tulane medical students hold head-shaving fundraiser for cancer research

Several Tulane University School of Medicine students participated in the annual St. Baldrick’s Day event on Jan. 15 in the lobby of the Tulane Medical Center. The event is a head-shaving fundraiser that benefits St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the national, volunteer-driven charity committed to supporting research to find cures for childhood cancers. The students have raised over $7,000 for this year’s event. For more information on St. Baldrick's Foundation, click here

Rishawn Dindial grins as he is half way through his head shaving. (Photo by Sally Asher)
Rody Alexis is pleased as he checks out his new hairdo. (Photo by Sally Asher)
As the last bit of his hair falls to his shoulders, Somdeb Banerjee waits excitedly to see his new look. (Photo by Sally Asher)
Mark O'Brien looks at his freshly-shaven head. (Photo by Sally Asher)