Tulane reaching out, providing assistance after Laura

President Michael Fitts emailed the following message to the university community after Hurricane Laura made its way through southwestern Louisiana. 

Dear Tulane Community:

Our thoughts, hearts and hands are with our neighbors in Cameron, Lake Charles and all the many other communities impacted by Hurricane Laura – one of  the most powerful storms to ever make landfall in our state. We have reached out to our students from these areas to provide any assistance we can and are also offering help to our fellow universities throughout southwestern Louisiana.

With the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just days away, we well remember the help we received in our time of need. May we give our neighbors the same solace and assurance that we are united with them in their recovery. To learn how you can help, please click here. We will continue to update this page as new resources and opportunities to help become available.

Louisiana has 64 parishes, each with a distinct culture and flavor that makes our state one of the world’s most fascinating and vibrant regions – with music, food and a language all its own. Today, we stand together with our neighbors throughout the state, determined to help them rebuild their homes and lives and preserve their unique culture for generations to come.