Tulane welcomes newest Executive in Residence

It’s a rare opportunity for a student to get face time with the CEO of a multibillion dollar company. But this is the type of experience that Tulane University’s Executive in Residence Program is providing for its students. Chip Register, co-CEO of Publicis.Sapient, a technology consulting company, joins Wall Street veteran Larry Schloss as the current executives in residence.

Prior to serving as co-CEO of Publicis.Sapient, Register served on the company’s executive team and as the CEO of Sapient Consulting. In 2010, he was named one of the “Top 25 Consultants in the World” by Consulting magazine.

He is now bringing this expertise directly to students through classroom visits, small-group discussions, and one-on-one student meetings, as he balances his professional work with his residency at Tulane.

“My favorite Darwin quote is that evolutionary success isn’t predicated at all on size, strength, speed or even intelligence — it’s predicated on adaptability.”

Chip Register

“I’ve been doing career and industry counseling on an individual basis, as well as guest-lecturing in classes on topics like technology and privacy and business development,” Register said. “I’m also doing some mentoring with people who have specific business ideas. We [Publicis.Sapient] buy a new company every few weeks, so I’ve gotten quick at reading business models and seeing if they will work, and for the ones that don’t work, suggesting changes that will.”

Register says his biggest piece of advice for students, in a world that is so rapidly evolving through technology, is to be flexible and embrace interdisciplinary approaches to problems.

“My favorite Darwin quote is that evolutionary success isn’t predicated at all on size, strength, speed, or even intelligence — it’s predicated on adaptability,” said Register. “We used to call people like that unfocused. Now we call them flexible.”

Any student may email executive@tulane.edu to set up one-on-one meetings with an executive in residence either in person or via video call.

The Executive in Residence program is sponsored by the Tulane University Career Center.

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