Tulane STEM program wins national diversity award

Tulane University’s K-12 STEM Education Program has received a 2018 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the largest and oldest diversity and inclusion publication in higher education.

The Inspiring Programs in STEM Award honors colleges and universities that encourage and assist students from underrepresented groups to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Tulane will be featured, along with other recipients, in the September 2018 issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Inspiring Programs in STEM Award winners were selected by INSIGHT Into Diversity based on efforts to inspire and encourage a new generation of young people to consider careers in STEM through mentoring, teaching, research, and successful programs and initiatives.

"We want to honor the many professionals who are inspirations to their colleagues, their community and to young people who may be interested in a future career in STEM."

Lenore Pearlstein, owner and publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity

“The Tulane Center for K-12 STEM Education is committed to inspiring and diversifying the next generation of scientists and engineers,” said Michelle Sanchez, senior professor of practice and director of the Center for K-12 STEM Education. “We want to ensure that every local student is given the same opportunity to learn science and engineering in a safe, fun environment by performing hands-on STEM activities either on-campus or in their classroom at school.”

The Center brings engaging STEM activities into schools that have mostly students of color and who are from underrepresented communities. Designed by students and faculty, the activities and workshops demonstrate the breadth of opportunities available in STEM. From extracting strawberry DNA to learning about the shape of a butterfly’s wings and its effect on migrations, students can see first-hand the passion that Tulane professors and students have for STEM.

 “We know that many STEM programs are not always recognized for their success, dedication, and mentorship for underrepresented students,” says Lenore Pearlstein, owner and publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. “We are proud to honor these programs as role models to other institutions of higher education and beyond.”