Elevating leadership excellence: Discover the Tulane University Leadership Institute

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, the Tulane University Leadership Institute (TULI) celebrated the third cohort of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) and the Anti-Racism Leadership Program (ARLP) at a full-day orientation in the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life. Thirty-four leaders were selected to join the 2023 ELP Cohort, and 30 leaders were chosen for ARLP.

Over the academic year, participants of both programs will embark on courses intended to instill critical literacies including emotional intelligence, self-awareness, strategic thinking, change management and interpersonal communication. The curricula were carefully designed to develop ethical and effective leaders by providing forums, tools, and knowledge for introspection, connection and growth. Workshops, seminars, discussions and team projects create opportunities for participants to learn from each other and from university leadership.

The Emerging Leaders and Anti-Racism Leadership programs are the flagship initiatives of TULI, which was established in 2020 under the leadership of President Mike Fitts as a component of the university’s Plan for Now to identify and develop the leaders of Tulane’s future. The institute provides ongoing learning opportunities to Tulane faculty and staff focused on enhancing leadership skills. Centered in principles of equity and humanity, the Institute is instrumental in identifying and nurturing the leaders who will shape our institution’s path.

“Our programs, including the ELP and ARLP, are scaffolded by the institute’s guiding philosophy that leadership is people-centered,” shared Kim Fleming, director of the Tulane University Leadership Institute. “As leaders, we work to identify and cultivate experienced and emerging leaders who build genuine trust with their teams, find balance between human-centric management, and the achievement of strategic goals, promote the growth and development of their colleagues, and ultimately motivate and inspire others to follow them.”

Fleming, who worked in Learning and Organizational Development at Tulane prior to joining the TULI team, brings years of human resources experiences and a deep-rooted commitment to professional development. She works closely with Hannah Sensenbrenner Morrow, a current PhD student studying Leadership and Human Resource Development, who brings her academic studies and experiential adult-learning techniques to life in her work as manager of the institute. Executive Director Rob Hailey, who has served in roles across Tulane, brings a unique institutional perspective to the institute’s programming in support of his team. Hailey, Fleming and Morrow also work closely with external facilitators and campus partners to deliver high-quality, transformative leadership programs.

In addition to the Emerging Leaders and Anti-Racism Leadership Programs, TULI offers an array of programs and assessments tailored to the unique needs of our university community. Ranging from yearlong courses to specialized one-day leadership workshops, TULI aims to empower individuals with the tools to excel in their roles. With a focus on vital skills like self-awareness, communication, critical thinking and collaboration, TULI equips participants to navigate challenges with resilience and insight. By fostering capable and forward-thinking leaders who center equity, authenticity and humanity in their practices, the Leadership Institute contributes to the collective progress of Tulane University.

Read more about TULIs team, programs and mission at their website.