An evening with Ellis Marsalis

Ellis Marsalis, legendary jazz pianist, performed at Tulane’s Dixon Hall on Sept. 26 as a part of Newcomb-Tulane College’s Lagniappe Series, which aims to provide students and the community with opportunities to experience New Orleans' music and culture. Marsalis' performance was followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. The event is made possible by a gift from The Myrna and John H. Daniels Fund which supports programs that promote the music, culture, and heritage of New Orleans.

Ellis Marsalis, legendary jazz pianist, takes the stage at Dixon Hall Sept. 26, 2019. (Photo by Sally Asher)
Jesse McBride, professor of practice of jazz studies at Tulane, calls on audience members for a Q&A session following his performance. Marsalis answered questions about what inspired him in his career, how the music scene in New Orleans has changed and challenges he's faced in his career. (Photo by Sally Asher)
(From left to right) Jason Stewart, playing the bass, Ashlin Parker, Tulane visiting professor, playing the trumpet, and Gerald Watkins, on drums, performed alongside Marsalis. (Photo by Sally Asher)
Marsalis turns toward the audience as they applaud him. (Photo by Sally Asher)