Puppy love: Tulanians adore their pets

Tulanians love showing off their canine companions. After requesting that members of the Tulane community share photos showcasing their furriest family member, the New Wave received several submissions just in time for Valentine’s Day. Today’s infographic, designed by Marian Herbert-Bruno, displays our favorite entries. Sit, stay and continue reading for details behind each Tulanian and their dog.

Photo #1 Lisa O'Dwyer, executive assistant to the vice president for student affairs, throws a Cinco de Mayo birthday “pawty” every year for her 14-1/2 years old miniature Schnauzer, Mickey.

Photo #2 “This is my dog, Moses, recovering after leg amputation surgery (that's why he has a t-shirt on),” said Grace O'Brien.

Photo #3 Green Wave fan Jeff Lackore, father of Tulane sophomore Jason Lackore, takes a break from walking through Greeter Falls, Tennessee with his faithful dog Kobe.

Photo #4 Hannah Sansone strikes a pose with her pooch, Boo. Sansone is loving her time at Tulane as a freshman double majoring in biological chemistry and dance.

Photo #5 Currently a political science major, Tulane student Jake Field takes a moment to relax with Dudley.

Photo #6 From left to right, Ashley Trowbridge, Isabel Morford-Cheibub, Trixie the dog and Cassie Hayno sport their Green Wave gear.

Photo #7 Debbie Grant, vice president for university communications and marketing at Tulane University, hits the road with her pup passenger Sweet Pea.

Photo #8 As a university photographer, Sally Asher and her beloved rescue dogs naturally aren’t camera shy. The Tulane alumna holds Fannie in her arms, while Django hams it up on her left.

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